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    Munich, Germany
    Jewish Community Center
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    Munich, Germany
    Jewish Community Center
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    Baltimore, MD
    Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School


*NOTE: Any tour dates that fall on Yom Tov or Shabbat, are indicative of Shabbaton appearances or Scholar-in-Residence for a religious event. Nissim does NOT perform on Shabbat or any of the Yamim Tovim.


Hashem Melech 2.0

In an exuberant explosion of music, Israeli legend Gad Elbaz joins forces with rapper Nissim Black as the two take to the streets of New York City proclaiming Hashem’s eternal…

So What if you sinned

People beat themselves up when they fall. In most cases a fall feels worst when you’ve been doing your utmost to ascend the spiritual latter. However, allowing a fall to…

Keeping Kids on the Derech

The Main thing is that a person has a REAL connection to G-d that they can give over and instill in their children. Pretending to enjoy your religious lifestyle wont…


After coming from the UK and meeting and seeing some of the most beautiful purest souls ever I seen. Hashem was seen in a whole new light. I saw so…

Not your Music, Crow!

Within Judaism we have the idea that the righteous never die. What does this mean? We’ve seen in the Torah portions of Chayei Sarah and Vayechi that the famous question…

Recognizing the Tzaddik

  When a person Connects his/herself to G-d, Primarily through speech, they can attain a true connection. Rebbe Nachman says “Hitbodedut is higher than anything else”. Why? because just like…

God is my only drug now

Damian Black grew up in a gangster’s paradise. Living in Seattle, where his family ran a drugs den, was rough. His cupboard was used to grow marijuana and he started…




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